Sabtu, 19 Juli 2014

Pretty in Hijab

Back we share tips and tricks that are very useful to increase your knowledge in the hijaber look trendy and fashionable. Times about Beauty tips in hijab which explains how to apply makeup so that you appear with a face that looks more naturally beautiful with short time which takes approximately 10 minutes.
It took a long time for makeup? In fact, look pretty natural does not always have to take a lot of time, let alone have to shell out a lot just to beautify themselves when trying to go to some event. Similarly, the use Tatat dressing. With a sweep seidkit course, anyone can look beautiful.
Picture 18
How can look pretty natural with a short time?
Beauty tips please observe the following carefully hijab to be able to perfect your practice:
  1. Clean your face with a cleanser and moisturizer. Moisture can serve keep sticking more perfect makeup.
  2. Brush foundation evenly on the surface of the face and neck.
  3. Brush powder on the surface of the face and neck.
  4. Dab an eyeshadow on the eyelid surface. Choose a natural color like brown or pink.
  5. Trim your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil, then frame eyelid with eye liner on the inside of the eyelid, the bottom lashes. Then pulaskan mascara on the lashes for better results tapering and thick.
  6. Frame the shape of the lips with a lip pencil lip. Then apply lipstick with the appropriate color.
  7. Sweep the entire surface of the face and neck with a solid powder that average.
  8. Using fingertips, blush brush in a circular motion on the cheek.
Time to look beautiful all the time in daily activities - day. Hopefully what we wrote into the website Hijab Tutorial able to take advantage of you and your friends share with you all that knowledge that we share here does not just stop dikalian alone but other people need to know the tips and tricks Pretty in this hijab. 

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Jumat, 18 Juli 2014

Tips and Trick Make Up hijab

Now it's time to share tips and tricks for the hijaber all in wearing hijab. this time we'll share the tips in the air to make up ideal complement Hijab Tutorial. Please carefully look good - good little tips of Hijab tutorial below.
Picture 17
With age, skin elasticity began to diminish. The skin becomes dry, dull, and nascent fine wrinkles on the face. How do I work around this so I can still look young and beautiful? You can see the tips below to look beautiful and youthful:
  • Before wearing makeup, wash your face with soap, after that wear freshener (toner) and moisturizer. The goal is to cleanse and moisturize the face, so the face is ready for makeup. How to keep the skin moist from the inside is to drink water in sufficient quantities.
  • Wear foundation (foundation) to color one level higher than the skin color. Disguise eye bags, blemishes, acne scars, and wrinkles - keerut smooth the face with concealer. Eyeshadow, choose colors that can help look young and fresh.
  • Pulaskan thin eyeliner - tpis, because if it is too thick will give kesanwajah old. Eyeliner can be used in liquid form (liquid) or pencil-shaped.
  • Use two blush is blush inside and outside use blush to be more durable and look better. Choose a blush color is natural color like pink or peach. Blush brush over cheekbones in order to look up and not sagging.
  • Choose light-colored lipstick like pink, light orange, or one level higher than the lip color and if you want to look fresher can be added with lip gloss.
How about tips and tricks that we share above may be useful and make you look more beautiful and youthful. Especially in the case of wearing hijab for the hijaber who always want to look gorgeous and trendy of course. Wait for the next coming of tips and tricks that will us to Hijab Tutorial into this website.

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Kamis, 17 Juli 2014

How to Wear Hijab Turban

It Hijab Turban Tutorial that looks very different than the way other Wearing Hijab we handed over this within this website. But there is no harm in practicing Hijab How to Wear Turban Quadrilateral this to display your hijab. Yet the results generated pretty cool and very suitable to wear in any occasion in your daily activities - day. Turban Veil this tutorial we get from websites that are well known as a modern berfashion way.
One of the references is very useful for you all the hijaber are always hungry for information about how to wear hijab trendy and fashionable. Here he Hijab Tutorial How To Wear Hijab now find a graceful Turban suitable for mixing and matching with your fashion taste hijab style display this time.
Picture 16
Before you start following this tutorial, you should prepare:
  • Ciput ninja
  • Rectangular hijab
  • Pin
  • Flower brooch
Step by step:
  1. The first step, then use ciput ninja veil rectangular shape into a triangle shape.
  2. The second step, place the longest side of the triangle head scarf at the neck. Use the other side.
  3. The third step, pull the left side of the veil on the head and then point to the right. Do the same to the other side of the veil. To be strong position, pinned with a pin.
  4. The fourth step, pull the tip of the veil that hung on the front face to the rear. Then, so as not to shift pinned by using a pin.
  5. Lastly, trim all the edges. To enhance the appearance and make it look more colorful, flower-shaped brooch pairs.
We hope you put a stopwatch to calculate how much time you need in How to Wear Hijab Turban follow above. We are sure you all just finish it in less than 5 minutes. Although the time required to practice Hijab Turban tutorial briefly above, but the result is OK to look trendy and fashionable. Have you tried alone in following this Turban Hijab Tutorial How To Wear Hijab Turban and others that we share in this tutorial hijab website. 

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Rabu, 16 Juli 2014

Hijab Tutorial Paris

Praise has entered the holy month of Ramadan hopefully we can all meet again in this blessed month of year - next year. Well now it's time to share Paris Hijab Tutorial How To Wear Hijab one more Paris which is suitable for once you wear keacara iftar, the Koran, tadarus, terawih, or home silaturrahmi friends - friends mumpung this blessed month is long and hopefully this tutorial Veil Paris able to apply and be a source of reward for all of us.
Picture 15
Let's prepare beforehand goods - goods that have to be prepared such as:
  • A Quadrilateral hijab you
  • Daleman Inner Veil or Hijab
  • Pin
  • Pin
  • Brooch which serves as a sweetener as well as to strengthen the position of the veil so as not messy and neat
  • Dressing Mirror
And please be listened well - both measures Hijab Tutorial Paris below:
  1. First wear underwear and wear the hijab headscarf rectangle you to position the left side is longer than the right side like the picture.
  2. Then bring both sides of the veil under the chin and then pinned with a safety pin to make the connection. Pull the long side to the opposite side as shown in the model above.
  3. Furthermore pull up over your head, then that position is not shifted and neatly pinned the long end of the scarf paris earlier with a pin.
  4. Then pull the bottom end of the rectangular hijab you get to the top of the head. Then trim the edges so that it does not look messy.
  5. And the last step brooch pinned to beautify the appearance of the end of the scarf that you just pinned to the top of the head. Place the tip of a rectangle with the tip of the veil that has been previously tersematkan.
Simple yet trendy that's the right word for Wearing Veil Paris Method above. With the use that is not too complicated and it takes a while Hijab Tutorial Paris very well suited to be used on every occasion you in this fasting month. May you all be able to practice Hijab Tutorial Paris on perfectly well and do not forget to like the facebook fanspage beside hijab tutorial website to follow our updates will be posted on social media. 

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Selasa, 15 Juli 2014

Modern Hijab Tutorial

Today's modern era makes people - people always race - a race in terms of fashion. The designer should always drain the brain to create a fashion design attractive and always follow the times. Not only the general fashion for fashion but also many Muslims who used to popping just close the genitalia in the modern era of globalization, Islamic fashion is now increasingly in demand by many people, especially in the hijab. In fact, almost every time, there are emerging new How To Wear Hijab Modern and usually begins to emerge from the trend setters of an artist who frequently popping up on television.
Modern Hijab Tutorial which we share this time is very well suited for you who like the modern style of hijab. Not only of modern motifs, but also how this Modern Hijab style tutorial you can follow a very modern and with the times. The time needed to follow the tutorial below Veil Simplified very short and do not need to take a long time.
Picture 14
Please prepare in advance the equipment you need to prepare in following the latest Modern Hijab Tutorial this time:
  • Hijab Pashmina Tie Dye
  • Hijab Inner Ninja
  • Pin
  • Pin
  • Dressing Mirror
If the equipment is complete you can immediately try How to Wear Hijab Modern following:
  1. Before wearing the hijab wear hijab first inner ninja. Then use a pashmina hijab on your head with both sides of equal length.
  2. Then embed a pin at the back of the ears to make it look neat.
  3. After that, take one of the sides pashmina and plug in the head with the oblique position.
  4. Then place the tip in the head on the back and then pinned a safety pin so neat and not shifted as shown.
  5. And the last step is to take one side of the pashmina is still outstretched, then drag it to the other ear, pinned a safety pin so neat and not shifted.
And finally finished not and how many minutes do you need to practice How to Wear Veil Modern above. Surely it only takes a few minutes and now you look more beautiful and modern. Modern Hijab tutorial please share this to your friends - your friends so that they are also able to use a simple yet modern veil. And congratulated admin try wearing Hijab Tutorial Modern we provide this. 

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Senin, 14 Juli 2014

Chiffon Pashmina Tutorial

Chiffon Pashmina this tutorial may make you look beautiful but still bersyariat. As the title of the following Hijab tutorial using the Hijab Pashmina made ​​from chiffon fabric which has the properties of flexible and easy dikreasikan into various creations veil. Maybe this way Sifon Wear Hijab Pashmina that you can try to change the look of the hijab that you can rely on.
Hijab style with a variety of styles it has now become its own trend setter in the era of globalization. Lots of popping various hijab style unique, trendy and fashionable certainly able to captivate the hearts of women to wear the hijab immediately. With the women wearing the hijab would certainly be appreciated more in daily activities - day against men - men who looked.
Picture 13
How to Wear Pashmina Chiffon we got from one of the leading websites in Indonesia is, if you are interested in trying to practice this style of hijab please refer to the step by step we write here. First you need to prepare in advance the equipment you need to prepare:
  • Daleman Hijab
  • Pashmina Sifon
  • Pin
  • Dressing Mirror
Now is the time you follow the step by step you should do:
  1. Wear underwear veil first and then you can wear a chiffon head scarf pashmina with the position of the right side is shorter than the left side as seen in the image above.
  2. Then the next step pull right end of chiffon pashmina hijab you toward the left side of your head. To be strong and do not shift position, you can embed the edges by using a pin.
  3. Furthermore, pull the tip of the inner veil of chiffon pashmina longer front to your chest as seen in the picture above models. Then lift upward.
  4. The fourth step you pull the end of the scarf pashmina last longer up to the top of the head. After the trim and make sure the tip can reach the left side of your head.
  5. And the last stage, so that you do not fall pashmina hijab or when messy wind, then you can embed the side of the pashmina with a brooch as well as to enhance your appearance.
How quick and easy is not in following Hijab Tutorial Pashmina above, hopefully you all can do it well. Hijab Tutorial will always be there for you hijaber who are looking for the latest Hijab Style here is the right place to get a lot of references in the How to Wear Hijab.

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Minggu, 13 Juli 2014

Modern Pashmina Hijab Tutorial

There have been many hijab tutorials that we provide to you on this website, hopefully we can continue to provide a useful post for you all. Especially in the case of How to Wear Hijab is the latest and certainly fashionable and trendy. This time we want to share again our Hijab tutorial titled Hijab Tutorial Pashmina which could give your hijab style look more fashionable and more beautiful of course. You can use the following tutorial Veil for your daily activities - both the formal and non-formal activities.
Picture 12
How to Wear Hijab this time we quote from a famous website that, however little we change the order of words and images to be able to more easily understood by all hijaber here. Immediately, we prepare in advance what it takes to follow Hijab Tutorial Pashmina following:
  • Daleman Ninja
  • Hijab Pashmina
  • Pin
  • Pin
  • Dressing Mirror
Please refer directly Hijab step by step tutorial below:
  1. First inner wear ninja after that use a pashmina with both sides the same length as in the first picture.
  2. Then arrange a meeting side of the front of the veil to the nape using a safety pin.
  3. Then grab one of the sides then wrap a pashmina headscarf on the head.
  4. Furthermore wrap everything up left side of the veil that can be worn on the bottom of the chin. Then pinned edges using a pin.
  5. And the last step is to take the tip of the veil that is stretched out still to be put on the back of the head as shown in the second picture.
How to Wear Hijab good luck we handed over all of you may be able to understand the content and words - words above to be able to practice with ease so that you hijab look more luxurious and elegant. Do not forget to always visit the website Hijab Tutorial to get the latest updates each day on How to Wear the Veil latest trendy and fashionable is always our for and post into this website and also our social media updates into facebook fanspage Hijab Tutorial.

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